~ Lens-Artists Challenge #175: “Follow Your Bliss” ~

What does it mean to “follow your bliss”? We all make choices in our approach to life and art – to follow your bliss is to pursue that which provides you happiness and joy. It is quite likely you have more than one focus that gives you deep pleasure. For this week’s challenge, in words and photographs, show us your sense of wonder and excitement. Whether it be one activity that is your passion, or many different interests you follow, this is a wide-open opportunity to showcase how you “follow your bliss.”

Caspian Tern Swirl

Whether scanning the sky or focusing on a row of tiny mushrooms, when I’m engaged and learning ~ that’s my idea of bliss!

Since November 13th was the start of the 2021-2022 Project Feederwatch season, and marks the beginning of my 14th year as a Cornell Lab of Ornithology Citizen Scientist, today I’ll showcase my passion for birds. What fun it continues to be for me to observe these amazing creatures, to learn their names and what they are up to in any given season of the year.

Breeding male American Goldfinch – Spinus tristis

The state bird of Washington, American Goldfinches are always a delight to behold in their bright spring feathers. This guy, perched atop a Coastal Pine, is pouring out a love song to attract a mate!

Breeding male Black-bellied Plover – Pluvialis squatarola

“A widespread shorebird (occuring on six continents), Black-bellied Plovers breed at the very top of the world, farther north than other species.” As with many other birds their feathering is muted when they are not into the breeding season, so I was excited to spot this one in full feather!

Adult male Bald Eagle – Haliaeetus leucocephalus

The journey from cracking the egg to full-breeding maturity is a five year process for Bald Eagles. When everything shut down in March – May 2020, I was able to observe many Bald Eagles at fairly close range on the Long Beach Peninsula. What a treat to get excellent portraits and then study the characteristics of each phase in their development. Subsequently, I created a folio of poems and photos, Walking With Eagles.

Semipalmated Plover – Charadrius semipalmatus and Sanderling – Calidris alba

Rarely do I see a Sanderling standing and alone, as they more typically gather in groups and chase the ebbing tide in and out probing for prey in the wet sand. “One of the world’s most widespread shorebirds, Sanderling nest only in the High Arctic. In fall and winter you can find them on nearly all temperate and tropical sandy beaches throughout the world. During migration, Semipalmated Plovers can show up almost anywhere across North America. The dark back and a single black band across their breast, along with their run-and-stop foraging style helps to pick them out from other small shorebirds.”

Purple Finch – Haemorhous purpureus

What a delight to look up to the swaying branches of this fir tree and see the bright feathers of a breeding male Purple Finch! “Although these chunky, big-beaked finches do breed in northern North America and the West Coast, they’re often irregular winter visitors to our feeders. Backyard sunflower seed feeders are where you might find Purple Finches, if you live within their winter range.”

Short-billed Dowitcher – Limnodromus griseus

Short-billed? Well, only compared to their relatives the Long-billed Dowitcher! “Widespread shorebirds, they are relatively easy to find during migration and winter in coastal areas. They probe for food by rhythmically inserting their bill straight up and down (like a sewing machine needle) in mudflats, tidal wetlands, or shallow freshwater sloughs.”

Brown Pelican – Pelecanus occidentalis

I just never know what I’ll find when I crest the berm and look out across the vast shoreline of Long Beach. On this lovely June day in 2019, a flock of Brown Pelicans were resting and refreshing in the surf. “Brown Pelicans live year-round in estuaries and coastal marine habitats along both the east and west coasts. On the west coast they breed between southern California and southern Ecuador—often wandering farther north after breeding as far as British Columbia.”

All quotes are from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website – https://www.allaboutbirds

Follow Your Bliss, Joseph Campbell

It is truly an honor to be your guest host this week joinimg Amy, Ann-Christine, Patti and Tina in providing opportunities for visual expression. We hope you’ll join us in sharing how you follow YOUR bliss. Be sure to include a link to my post and to use the Lens-Artists tag so we can all find you in the Reader.

Next week, Christine will lead the challenge, so we invite you to stop by her Leya blog on Saturday, November 27, at noon to join us.

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116 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Challenge #175: “Follow Your Bliss” ~

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  2. JohnRH says:

    Hmm. Great theme, great photos. Hmmmm.

  3. pattimoed says:

    Hi, Lindy. What a beautiful post and a rare treat to learn so much about the birds you love. This is truly inspiring! We’re delighted you’re hosting this week and sharing your bliss!

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  5. Tish Farrell says:

    Such blissful images too, Lindy. Especially the Plover and Sanderling photo.

  6. Beautiful pictures and a great challenge, Lindy! Thanks for being our host this week.

  7. What a lovely topic for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge! And you’ve shared your passion with us beautifully. I’m in love with the photo of the two plovers, although it’s hard not to cite a shot of an eagle when you find one! Thanks for inspiring me to look through photos and come up with representations of what makes me blissful!

  8. Marsha says:

    Lindy, not only did you follow your bliss, but your explanations and pictures made it fun and interesting for us as well. 🙂 I will be combining my bliss with my Sunday Stills post tomorrow. Thank you so much for hosting this week. 🙂

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  10. restlessjo says:

    Nothing I like better than trailing in the wake of a sanderling or two on the shoreline.

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    • Lindy Le Coq says:

      Priscilla, your images of the little worlds in nature are beautiful. I especially like the chanterelle mushroom (a new passion of mine!) and the red leaf next to the green sprout. Joseph Campbell is a truly inspiring thinker. Thank you for adding more of his philosophy to your post!

  12. Anne Sandler says:

    Not only is your post beautiful, but your challenge is thought provoking. Thank you!

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  14. Lindy your photos are beautiful and the challenge is interesting!

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  16. Ana says:

    Great post! Wonderful images!!!
    I had to look up the meaning of the phrase in the translator and I loved it.

    Follow Your Bliss

  17. Leya says:

    A truly blissful post, Lindy – and I learned something new…a very useful phrase too. Your bird portraiis are magnificent and it’s easy to see your love throughout the post. A wonderful challenge – thank you for hosting!

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  19. I share your passion for birds and bird photography. Your beautiful images brought a smile to my face this morning! Thanks for hosting and thank you for this challenge!

  20. Tina Schell says:

    A beautiful post and a thoughtful challenge Lindy. I share your love of the beautiful birds who enrich our lives and offer such wonderful subjects for our lenses. Thanks so much for guest-hosting this week, and for giving us such a great opportunity to think about those things that give us joy. What could be better than that?!

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  22. I love those beautiful birds! I am looking forward to putting my challenge response together in the next few days. Thank you for contributing this week!

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  24. Amy says:

    I love these bird photo, Lindy! It takes a lot of patience to capture these birds in photo. The Eagle image is extraordinary! Thank you for sharing your passion and hosting, it’s an inspiring theme!
    Will be back later for this theme.

  25. Tranature - quiet moments in nature says:

    A beautiful post Lindy and thank you so much for hosting this lovely challenge! When I follow my bliss I inevitably encounter other people who are also following their bliss, which is a joy to witness: https://tranature.com/2021/11/21/silent-sunday-celebrating-the-surf/

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  28. Tish Farrell says:

    This such a brilliant theme, Lindy. Here’s my version:

    Chasing The Light Over Townsend Meadow

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  34. What a wonderful set of birds. Birdwatching is a never ending pastime (fortunately). Interestingly, the only one of these that I’ve seen is the Caspian Tern. So much to look forward to!

    Follow the sun

  35. Amazing shots, Lindy 👏 Your passion for birds & following your bliss shines out through your photos of our feathered friends 😃 Here’s mine: https://jezbraithwaite.blog/2021/11/22/a-dreich-day-by-the-canal-fan-of-135-and-lens-artists-175/

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  40. Hello again Lindy, Eivor and Pearl’s contribution for this week’s lovely challenge is here: https://whippetwisdom.com/2021/11/22/haiku-moon-gazing/

  41. pattimoed says:

    Hi, Lindy. I’m back with a link to my post. Happy Thanksgiving, too.

    Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #175: Follow Your Bliss

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  43. Thank you for the excuse and a push to do this post. It took me most of the day. 🙂 I hope it brings a few smiles back.

    Lens-Artists PC: Seven times bliss

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