~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #185: Change ~

With the loss of our dear beagle Jello, came an emptiness which from experience, we know can only be filled by inviting another beagle into our home and hearts. Jello was the fifth beagle to be part of our family – our fourth rescue.

Finding a specific breed, sex and age of rescue dog takes some research, persistence and luck. When I saw a six year old beagle named Max on the Hay-Dude Critter Rescue site, I asked Creighton, “male or female?” Female, we agreed. The next day I checked the site again, and there was Daisy, a female, and as it turned out Max’s sister. She’d been adopted, but the placement didn’t work out because she chased the cats. (Duh, she’s a beagle!) She was back in foster care, and I jumped right on the chance to adopt her. Then, as we thought about it, we decided since they’d grown up together for six years, keeping them together was the humane thing to do, and we sprang for both of them.

As I write this, Max and Daisy are en-route from San Antonio, Texas to the Pacific Northwest, via TXCR Transport. We are scheduled to rendezvous at noon on Friday, 2/12/22 in Portland, OR. So I guess you could say, we are all in a state of flux – transition – change. Oh, my, this will be fun!

Wherever you are, please honor our earth, continue to be kind and stay safe.🐾

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6 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #185: Change ~

  1. Max and Daisy are the two luckiest beagles in the world! We’re only an hour from San Antonio. They have a long way to go. Blessings to your new family. Jello is smiling from over the Rainbow Bridge.

  2. babsje says:

    What a lovely and loving tribute to dear sweet Jello and to your new Beagle-Overlords Daisy and Max! 2022 is gonna be a good year for the good doggies and your home.

  3. Wonderful change in your household with two new additions to the family. It’s always good to see people taking rescue dogs, especially those a little along in years. Great post!

  4. Leya says:

    Oh Lindy! Marvelous change – hopefully you will love each other dearly, immediately! You are such a good person taking both dogs – so right! I know Jello will love this, and keep a loving eye on you all! ♥ Good luck with everything, I hope you will post us soon about your new family members!

  5. Tina Schell says:

    So much fun and love ahead Lindy! Enjoy the new family. They’re going to love their new home!

  6. Anne Sandler says:

    Good luck with your knew babies! I’m so glad you took both.

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