~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #186: Low Light ~

Fog is one of my favorite special effects with photography. Just about any time of year, fog and mist are common along the Long Beach Peninsula. I featured the first photo below for a Wordless Wednesday post last month. It is so quiet, it’s worth repeating! The Brown Pelicans in fog and a branch with dancing grace are also repeats that bear being seen again.

Mallards in the Fog

Clouds are another of my favorite natural light filters. All three of the photos below were taken on different days in various seasons as the sun was lowering into the west on the Long Beach Peninsula, WA. Clouds diffuse the light and add dramatic impact when the sun breaks through as in the lower left photograph.


A classic, “not a cloud in the sky,” sunset with the end of day sky reflecting on the marshes at the Breakers, Long Beach, WA.

Sunrise also provides lovely filtered light. Though I’m usually not outside with my camera when the sun comes up, every once in a while I experience that magic! Below, Lake Tahoe Basin, Dollar Point, CA.

🐾Whether in low light or bright light, please honor our earth, continue to be kind and stay safe.🐾

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16 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #186: Low Light ~

  1. Ralph Becker says:

    You continue to get better!

  2. Wind Kisses says:

    The pelicans are fantastic. Just minding their business, while you capture them in the perfect shot. Donna

  3. Sofia Alves says:

    All your photos are special in their unique way, but for me, the fog ones are something else. I always find it a challenge to take photos is such conditions but you’ve done it perfectly.

  4. susurrus says:

    These have some lovely moods.

  5. Amy says:

    Breathtaking… Mallards in the Fog is like a beautiful brush painting. I love the sunset images especially.

  6. JohnRH says:

    I love those misty shots. Excellent.

  7. You captured the Long Beach peninsula beautifully.

  8. Tina Schell says:

    Some beautiful images here Lindy. I too love the fog for photography and you’ve captured it wonderfully. And of course sunrise and sunset – but the fog for me is more ethereal and sets a marvelous mood.

  9. Anne Sandler says:

    I love your fog shots Lindy. They aren’t easy to take, but have a certain mood when edited. All your images are a great response for this challenge.

  10. Wonderful images of fog, Lindy. They add so much drama and mystery to a location.

  11. They are all beautiful shots. Do you submit your work in photography contests? It’s all excellent!

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