~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #205: The Eyes Have it ~

Tina leads this weeks challenge asking us to present photographs of eyes. Getting good eye shots of birds has been one of my personal missions, and I have many. Here are two favorites.

Killdeer – Charadrius vociferus

The Killdeer above was present in the marshes every day in spring engaging in maneuvers to lead potential predators away from its fledglings. The large black pupil and carnelian almost square iris are quite stunning. Below one of many Bald Eagle photos in my collection. This one, looking down made me glad I wasn’t a small critter shuffling beneath in the dunes!

Bald Eagle – Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Animal eyes have different shapes, appearance and functions. The Humbolt’s Flying Squirrel below is a nocturnal creature. Its eye is larger than its nose, almost the size of its ear, round and dark. An accidental capture, this species is native to my back yard.

Notice the flat horizontal pupil in the eyes of these goats. Their rectangular pupils provide a broad field of view to see threats from afar, even while bowing their head while grazing. Similarly, deer focus horizontally; but when they look straight ahead (vertically) they are out of focus. With the head stationary, deer can see at a 300°. A slight turn of the head can reveal the other 60 degrees. Rabbits have really big eyes that are located on the sides of their head giving them a panoramic, 360° field of vision.

Sister Diana with her favorite Carousel character Harriett the frog.

Though not a real live frog, their eyes are quite amazing. Frog eyes have horizontal or vertical pupils, can see in color, bulge out to sit above water, and provide frogs almost 360° day and night vision. Frogs eyes also have three eyelids and use their eyes to swallow their food. My sister’s eyes twinkle when she is having fun.

More of my favorite people, Creighton with Max (soon after he came to live with us), classmate Charla and her husband Rishan (at our 50th high school reunion) and my sister Lori, engaging her grandson Micah.

Whatever eyes you peer into, please honor our earth, be kind and stay safe.🐾

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10 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #205: The Eyes Have it ~

  1. Fantastic collection of eyes! I sure wouldn’t want to be whatever that Eagle is staring at!

  2. Thanks for the eye opening lesson on eye shapes and purposes.

  3. Judith says:

    Gorgeous photos! What kind of camera and lenses do you use?

  4. Ralph Becker says:

    Always did like your eyes.

  5. Tina Schell says:

    OK Lindy, as always I loved your choices this week and actually learned some really interesting factoids. But I must admit I was fascinated by the frog comment about using their eyes to eat. So much so that I had to google and sure enough, they do! How bizarre!!

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