~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #207: Seeing Double ~

For my opening shot I’ve selected a muted sundown at Long Beach, with the sun suspended in clouds and reflecting on the water in two areas – a triple sunset! Perusing my archives for this challenge, I found many of the photos that popped out at me are of two birds of the same species, either mirror images or echo’s of each other.

Below, a collage of a few of my favorite beautiful bird reflections, from upper left clockwise, Sanderling, Mallard Duck, Baird’s Sandpiper, Wilson’s Snipe and Canada Goose.

Since I spend much time in, on or around water, there are plenty of scenery reflections in my photo collection as well. Below are two taken while fishing with my family at Odell Lake, at the summit of Willamette Pass in central Oregon.

I have shown both of these photos in prior posts, and have no qualms about sharing them again. 🙂 Above, the clouds have a popcorn-like consistency and their reflection on the smooth water (this is a lake that often has whitecaps!) remains a favorite of mine. Below, the wavy reflection of the two dead-trees was what attracted me.

Serendipity is one of my best friends. As happy chance would have it, I was driving along the side of Lake Sacajawea in Longview, Washington on an autumn day, and was captured by the image below – too lovely to just cruise on by!

I’ll close with another sunset, this one reflecting on the winter-spring marshes at the Breakers in Long Beach, Washington, where I live part-time.

As you reflect upon life, please honor our earth, be kind and stay safe.🐾

Thanks to Jez for hosting this week. It is a distinction to be asked to host, and a big responsibility to create the challenge and even more to then acknowledge all of us who diligently post our responses. Being a water lover, this one was lots of fun for me!

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9 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #207: Seeing Double ~

  1. Ralph Becker says:

    Nice doubles!

  2. Superb images for the challenge, Lindy 👏 I was hooked on your post with the very first shot, simply stunning 😲 Love the sanderling as well, their reflection has been made abstract by the ripples & looks like the top of a bulrush 😃 Thanks for joining in the fun 😊

  3. JohnRH says:

    GREAT selections. Love that opener, and the double eagle, and, and, oh so great!

  4. Amy says:

    Remarkable seeing double images! The opening image is stunning. Love the bird captures and the reflections. Excellent take on!

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