~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #219: Treasure Hunt ~

Oh, boy! Tina is sending us on a treasure hunt! I’ve been combing through my photos, and found some that I haven’t posted before, and others that you may have seen in a previous post. Having more than one ‘treasure’ in the selected photo adds to the fun. So, I’ll start with the moon and its reflection.

From our deck at the Breakers we have a clear view of the Pacific Ocean. On this full moon night, I held my Panasonic steady on the rail and pressed the shutter. What a nice surprise to get this clear an image.

The fluffy clouds and forested shoreline reflecting on Odell Lake remains a favorite shot.

Always up for getting extra credit, here’s a photo of clouds with evidence of rain in the lovely rainbow wending it’s way across the marshes.

Another ‘double dip’ with a golden orange sunset and dramatic cloud formations over the Pacific Ocean.

On a warm October afternoon at the dog park – a person with an umbrella! Funny, we who live in the rainy Pacific Northwest often don’t bother with umbrellas or hats, so to see someone with an umbrella unfurled on a sunny day tickled my fancy!

Whenever a photo of a child is called for, I go back to shots I took on this wonderful day at the beach with my sister Lori, her daughter Molly, and my grandnephew Micah. It was a special time for all four of us – warms my heart ❤️

Above, Max and Daisy having fun chasing a squirrel up a tree at our favorite dog-park, and below seasonal colors of Chrysanthemums – the third year they have bloomed for me on the front porch.

I’ll finish with our family truck, a Nissan Frontier with Daisy in the driver’s seat hauling her brother Max!

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13 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #219: Treasure Hunt ~

  1. Fun how you managed to double dip. I especially liked your beagles peeking out of their truck!

  2. Some cute choices here. Love the reflections shot!

  3. Teresa says:

    Awww lovely images! Particularly the last 2 and the reflection one ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Tina Schell says:

    LOL for Daisy and Max, that’s adorable Lindy. Terrific double-dipping and special love for the family photo and the woman with the umbrella. go figure!

  5. JohnRH says:

    Great selections Lindy. Love that reflection shot, and anything with dogs!

  6. These are all wonderful. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the rainbow is great. And the dogs are always fun to see!

  7. Wind Kisses says:

    Love Daisy and Max and their treasure hunt of the local squirrel population. And I laughed at your umbrella photo. Before I read your words, I remember thinking… an umbrella? In the PNW? really? If you aren’t from there its not so funny.. Love it. Have a good rest of THIS week. Donna

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