~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #231: Favorite Images of 2022 ~

John Steiner takes the lead this week to start the 2023 Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenges with an invitation to share our “favorite images captured in 2022.” Thank you John for adding your talents to the Lens-Artists team!

I’ll start with my first choice shot of 2022. Why do I love it so? Because the light is incredibly soft filtered through fog as four Mallards silently paddle across a pond. It’s the quiet beauty of the moment that enchants me.

Sunrise on Long Beach is often dramatic. The one above left was a favorite when I posted it in the Diagonals challenge #228. On the right above is the best rainbow shot of 2022, though I see them often at the beach, I rarely see this kind of stretch!

Not sure what this sea critter is, however it is the same consistency as moon jelly. The movement in the top swirls and light reflections in the sea-bubbles stopped me in my tracks. Maybe Steve Morey can help id this one?

My spring gardens in Vancouver always chase away the winter blues. What a surprise to have an early April snowstorm and a chance to get some unusual photos!

Salt Creek Falls (Willamette Pass Oregon) offers many lovely photo ops. This one is my favorite of 2022 because I was able to get the falls top to bottom, and the lay of the land as the creek flows down the mountain. Fog in the background adds a soft finish to this shot.

In mid-February we adopted Daisy and Max, 6 year old sister and brother beagles. Almost a year later, they have settled into life with their forever family. Both have adapted to our expectations, just as we have learned to respect their individual characteristics. Daisy is always on the hunt; sniffing, baying, climbing trees and looking for escape routes. Max is a big lover boy. He likes to pick up things and bring them to me, sometimes as bribes, mostly to get my attention!

Max quickly established himself as the lounge lizard of the two!

Though I shared this shot in my end of 2022 post, it has to be my favorite action photo of the year! After chasing a squirrel right up this tree, Daisy slid down the tree trunk using her claws to stay on it until about four feet from the bottom, where she fell onto the ground and took off after more squirrels!

I’ll close with our sun on it’s way to disappear beyond the Pacific Ocean horizon. I never tire of watching sunsets. They inspire awe and hope in me, so you can look forward to seeing more sunsets in my 2023 Lens-Artists Challenge posts!

On your walk with life, please honor our earth, encourage dignity and share kindness. 🐾

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14 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #231: Favorite Images of 2022 ~

  1. Wind Kisses says:

    I love the falls at Willamette Pass. A nice gallery of your year Lindy. I love the sea critter too. A fun find on the beach for sure.

  2. VJ says:

    The sea creature stopped me in my tracks. How odd and magnificent.

  3. It’s so much fun to learn dogs’ different personalities. Learning Max and Daisy’s different personalities must have been a challenge, with great rewards. How lucky they are to have their forever home with you.

  4. You live in a beautiful part of the world, Lindy. That view of the falls is probably my favorite of this collection, though any image of the Pacific Ocean is hard to top. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  5. Tina Schell says:

    Wonderful choices Lindy – I absolutely loved your opener and agree wholeheartedly on your reasons for choosing it to start your post. Of course we’ve loved following Daisy and Max and your Lounge Lizard image is fabulous – it gave me a big smile. Wishing you all the best in the new year ahead.

  6. Indeed a beautiful opener shot, and you explain your reasoning very well. I also came to a pause at your odd sea animal, not just because of the creature, but also to have a better look at the colour in the foam.

  7. Christie says:

    What a lovely set of photos, Lindy! And well said, I never tire to watch sunsets either🙂 thank you for sharing them. Here’s to many more wonderful photos, and moments throughout 2023! Have a beautiful day, Christie

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