~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 243: It’s Tricky! ~

I’m not much of a trickster when it comes to photography, however I do enjoy “thinking outside the box,” as in the shot below of a Brown Garden Snail taken at ground level.

Another example, is this ‘Dune Rune’. Alloniscus is a seaside wood louse that burrows just under the sand surface at night leaving images I call Dune Runes. To see other examples of this tricky critters writing and design skills, click on the Dune Runes link at the top of my blog.

Also, I find it fun to photograph objects that others have repurposed in unconventional and creative ways, like the Sedum-filled case below…

…and this human-sized bird nest with an invitation for passersby to curl up in it, take a nap, take a selfie or just reflect upon life .

I’ll close with another favorite perspective. Donna has an example of this technique in her introduction of this week’s challenge. Below we see a sandy beach leading to the ocean shore and cloudy sky above framed by a large driftwood tree stump. I am so looking forward to taking shots like this with my new camera! I’m sure the photos will be much sharper focused. Maybe I’ll do a compare/contrast for a Wordless Wednesday – stay tuned!

On your walk with life, please honor our earth, encourage dignity and share kindness. 🐾

Thank you to Donna of Wind Kisses for encouraging us to explore photography with “outside the box” perspectives! Her examples are wonderful and you can see them by clicking the link below.

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7 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 243: It’s Tricky! ~

  1. Wind Kisses says:

    Your post was fun and engaging as always, Lindy. The snail was a great capture, and it was probably wondering what the heck you were doing. Clearly not afraid, or it wouldn’t be reaching for you. I have always loved your dune runes and in fact came across some on our trip last year, not knowing how they were made. There is amazing purpose and a calling for all of us, even lice. Creative gardening was a nice add. I am amazed at the ideas people come up with for planters. The case was unique. I loved more the nest. lol. I think you should hide behind a tree and see if there are any takers. Best selfie station ever!

    The beach view is a breath of fresh air! Thanks for coming along Lindy. I always look forward to your creativity. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Ralph Becker says:

    You keep getting more intense!

  3. Tina Schell says:

    Terrific choices Lindy – all of your captures were things that were completely new to me which was fun! The creepy crawler in your opener is one I might stay a bit farther away from I’ll admit. The nest, on the other hand, would be worth a try!

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