Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above – Whirling Vortex

It was our first day in San Diego.  My older sister, Diana, and I were visiting our younger sister, Lori.  We arrived in the early morning.  Knowing we would be tired but eager to see the sights, Lori suggested we visit Old Town for lunch, and then drive up to the Point Loma Lighthouse.  It was perfect.

Some of my favorite shots of the four days we three sisters were together I took at Point Loma.  We meandered through the grounds and up toward the lighthouse.  The vistas were excellent.  I snapped photos of my sisters in relaxed action, and of the building itself as we came closer to it.  Though small, it had a nice museum that featured the huge, prismatic glass structures used in centuries past to cast great beams of light out over nighttime oceans.

As I walked up the winding staircase toward the top of the lighthouse, there was little of interest to photograph.  When I reached the top, it was hard to get a good shot up –  but looking down took my breath away.

From Above Whirling Vortex

From Above
Whirling Vortex

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