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Weekly Photo Challenge – Companionable

He still asks me why I waited for him that first date when he was twenty minutes late.  I sat in the lobby of the all-female dorm, sure he would show.  At eighteen, I’d never been stood up in my … Continue reading

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Fledglings have been appearing at my feeders for some time now.  Their parents coax them into the Holly tree, then bring a morsel of seed or suet.  There’s always a kerfluffle in the Holly branches as the fledges vie for … Continue reading

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Goldfinch dominate bird feeder – Chickadees fight back – daily post (ripped into the headlines)

In a fight for survival the late arriving American Goldfinch have taken control of the Pagoda bird station.  Chickadees and Nuthatches who wintered over in the area filed a complaint with the owners sighting their ‘squatter’s rights.’ “We’ve been here … Continue reading

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Beach + Beagle = Fun!

How long has it been?  We kept asking one another as we drove over the Lewis and Clark Bridge across the Columbia River from Longview, Washington to Rainier, Oregon, following Route 30 West to Astoria.  At least fifteen years we … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape

The first summer after I started my career in education (1983) I insisted Creighton and Itake a vacation.  We spent three wonderful days in August, on Orcas Island, and bicycled San Juan  and Lopez Islands as well.  The next year … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above – Whirling Vortex

It was our first day in San Diego.  My older sister, Diana, and I were visiting our younger sister, Lori.  We arrived in the early morning.  Knowing we would be tired but eager to see the sights, Lori suggested we … Continue reading

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on being

my hands pull out the dead shrub I pour water into a hole in the earth plant a life form birds twitter above clouds swirl the universe opens in a heartbeat stories around night fires over centuries and generations seek … Continue reading

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The Imagi Nation (Daily Prompt: Fantasy)

What a sad place the world would be without fantasy.  There is a poignant scene in Miracle on 34th Street when Kris Kringle teaches Suzie how to imagine.  It always reminds me how important it is to encourage a child’s … Continue reading

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Ninety Years

At the advanced age of ninety, my father is stuck and discouraged.  Whenever I visit him, the litany of grievances about his physical health, medications, and the condition of his home must be rehashed.  He sees them as obstacles that … Continue reading

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