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~ Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #106: Autumn ~

  Summer blossoms fade, as fruit and seed ripen into autumn’s brilliance, while fields and gardens bulge with nature’s bounty. As our sun sets ever-farther southwest, days shift cooler – nights longer.   Rich cinnamon scents from fallen fruit and withering berries swirl with woodsmoke … Continue reading

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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #104: Summer ~

  Hydrangea blossoms      shades of blue velvet richness mood indigo ~ From rich vibrant tones to soft pastel hues, Hydrangea are one of my favorite summer show-stoppers! Birds, are everywhere in my summer gardens. They keep the grounds … Continue reading

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~ American Apartheid ~ A Poem ~

American Apartheid–Lindy Le Coq – June 3, 2020   Four hundred years of suppression, black men and women raped and murdered for being.   Jim Crow still alive in red-lined housing, unfunded schools, three strikes – you’re out, stop & … Continue reading

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~ Report From the Edge of a Continent ~Bellyache ~  

     From fathomless depths,               after months in her belly,          heaps of human generated trash                             … Continue reading

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~ Trust and a Feather ~

  Trust a precious commodity invaluable like time and water.

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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #72: Waiting ~

“…I am waiting for a rebirth of wonder…” “…and I am waiting for the American Eagle to really spread its wings and straighten up and fly right…” “…and I am waiting for forests and animals to reclaim the earth as theirs…” “…and I am waiting for … Continue reading

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~ Not Quite Wordless Wednesday + Vernal Equinox Haiku + Cee’s FOTD ~

earth suspends mid-spin daylight and darkness shake hands equal on this day dry leaves and seeds fly green shoots push past winter’s grip amber blossoms lift Cheers!

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~ Under A Periwinkle Sky ~

Once again I am in a place where, even with my personal hot-spot cell connection, I’m unable to load photos onto my blog, or look at the ones my WordPress friends are offering for view! Grump!!  Not sure if there’s … Continue reading

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~ Frosty Dunes ~

only caws of crows  disturb this windless morning  no ducks or geese ply these ponds –           a thin glaze of ice at their edges at berm’s crest dark waves sound ocean’s roar as golden light … Continue reading

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~ Winter Solstice Haiku ~

  sun slides low in sky stands still – winks – turns about-face as earth and moon whirl In response to Frank J Tassone Haikai challenge #12 — winter solstice. 

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