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~ One Love – Weekly Photo Challenge ~

Ours is one of those “love at first sight” stories. We met when I was a freshman at the U of Washington, in fall of 1967, and married in September, 1969. This photo was taken in February, 1970. Forty-nine years … Continue reading

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Avacado Mixmaster ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Relic

Mom gave me this Sunbeam Mixmaster, top of the line in 1969, as a wedding gift. Avacado was the color rage then, along with Tangerine and Lemon. Every time I pull it out, I think of Mom; what a good … Continue reading

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Vic Moore ~ Memorial for a Master Teacher

Victor Wayne Moore; born October 17, 1926, died November 14, 2013. Four years younger than my father, Vic served in the Navy during WWII, and later in Korea. He studied art education at Central Washington University (CWU), and after one … Continue reading

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First Date ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Treasure

In October, 1967, I was a freshman at the University of Washington.  Mutual friends introduced Creighton to me ~ we clicked.  On our first date he took me to the Farrells Ice Cream parlor in Bellevue.  This fragile plastic giraffe … Continue reading

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Got The Big One!! ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Joy

In July 2011, my grandnephew Justin was 7 years old.  He’d spent a whole week with his grandpa and grandma at their fishing campsite near Crescent Lake. This photo was taken just after Justin landed a prize Mackinaw Trout out … Continue reading

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Repurposed Poems ~ Hope Wish Belief Want

Hope forever flutters like a baby bird featherless – naked will it fly on fledgling wings or fall, a soft sack of tiny broken bones – bereft. Wish is hope suspended a floating feather drifting ever closer then sailing away … Continue reading

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Silver Cedars – Weekly Photo Challenge (Masterpiece)

Trees are my totem.  I love to be with them, in them, around them, under them.  Here is a photo taken at Crater Lake National Park of Silver Cedars; majestic survivors, temples in their own right.

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