Vic Moore ~ Memorial for a Master Teacher


Victor Wayne Moore; born October 17, 1926, died November 14, 2013. Four years younger than my father, Vic served in the Navy during WWII, and later in Korea. He studied art education at Central Washington University (CWU), and after one year teaching in Richland, WA, Vic returned to CWU to work on his Masters degree. In June 1950, Vic married Roberta Galbraith Moore (Bobbie), and their son Mark, was born in 1952. In 1954 Vic was hired to be the Pullman High School (PHS) art teacher. Pullman became their home for 43 years.

In school year 1963-’64, I was a freshman at PHS, with a creative bent. Every day I entered Mr. Moore’s classroom, I was offered the opportunity to learn about making and appreciating art — and more. Vic was a man with a sense of humor and a free spirit I had never experienced before from a teacher. He asked provocative (and always appropriate) questions, laughed with us, got us thinking. Moreover, he made sure his classroom was emotionally safe for every-anyone to be in; it was an environment where, for one hour a day, I could just be me.
As my sophomore year began, I was faced with the choice of either continuing to participate in choir, or to continue taking art — I chose Vic Moore. What a blessing! Every school day, all four years of high school, I was in his classroom learning not only the basics of visual art, but the fundamentals of being a human being. He exemplified curiosity, and demonstrated, through his demeanor, an acceptance of all who came into his class.  The last time I visited him, in 1997, Vic was expressing his whimsical take on politics through a series of whirligigs. At the time I had been a high school counselor for fifteen years, and as I left to catch my flight home, I thanked my lucky stars to have known Vic Moore. He personified a quality I value, and have worked to pass on to the children under my guidance over the years; the more honest we are with ourselves, the more genuine we are in our relationships with others, the better this sweet, absurd world will be.

Bless you Vic Moore; mentor, teacher, creative spirit, now released to the universe.

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