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~ Caligula Haiku ~ (How Does It End?)

My daily dose of unreality leads me to put into brief words the unfolding agony of witnessing an incompetent person doing unmitigated injury to this country and world.   vendettas abound integrity exploited full blown coverup ***** anxious and angry … Continue reading

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~ Re-post of Tina Schell: Sinister Swamp – WPC Danger ~

Tina’s work is always above and beyond the norm, so I wanted you who follow me to see this fine example of her nuanced word and image collage. Source: Sinister Swamp – WPC Danger

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poem 14 2017

Originally posted on here.say.:
comes back to haunt the stories we tell of the way it was truths thought to be set by the lines we drew lines not yet etched on our faces truths now set by the…

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~ In A Vase On Monday ~

The last time I participated in Cathy’s IAVOM challenge was January 3. For a few weeks there was absolutely nothing blooming or even tantalizing in my soaked and thrashed gardens. Also, I’ve been away more than home for a couple months, … Continue reading

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~ Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows ~

Every picture has it’s shadow and it has some source of light blindness and sight…

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With apologies to r.d. laing

Originally posted on here.say.:
Day 2 Day two of president elect Donald Trump. And playing out on a national level is the confusion of feelings and facts, by which I mean understanding reality based on ones feelings, and justifying…

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Originally posted on Just Another Nature Enthusiast:
Yes, the sun did come up… But it’s raining in my soul. I do take comfort in President Obama’s remarks: We are all on one team. We are not Democrats first. We are…

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