~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #164: Looking Up/Down ~

These photos were all selected, watermarked and ready to post – then I wasn’t able to get into my WordPress account. AAARRRGGH! Still, I want to provide a few snaps of Ups and Downs and thank our guest hostess for suggesting this theme!

Astoria-Megler Bridge

This bridge is impressive in so many ways. I like this photo because it indicates we are entering the state of Washington, plus the light blue sky and white cloud make an interesting background.

Wise Tree Circle
Silver Cedars – Crater Lake, Oregon – USA

Trees provide many beautiful opportunities to enjoy looking up!

My favorites – birds and the ever-changing clouds in Pacific Northwest skies.


Yes, it’s not quite the “long view down,” however I find joy in the little things that I encounter in the world around me.

Dune Rune #33

Deep dive into the basalt canyon worn over time by the river running through it.

Salt Creek – Willamette Pass, Oregon

Mesmerizing, refreshing, amazing these natural wonders!

View from my deck.

I’ll conclude with a photo taken a couple springs ago looking down at the rock garden from the deck of my home in Vancouver, WA.

Wishing everyone safe travels. Please be kind and stay safe.🐾

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4 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #164: Looking Up/Down ~

  1. Prior... says:

    Enjoyed your take on this challenge and nature delight with birds and sky and water and more

  2. Sofia Alves says:

    Oh, these are all beautiful, beautiful shots.

  3. Leya says:

    Love them – especially skies and migrating birds!

  4. Julie says:

    These are interesting looking trees.

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