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~ Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Feathers ~

For Cee’s challenge I’m featuring some previously posted shots, plus two photographs taken this week at Long Beach, WA.     Thank you Cee for all you do to keep us taking and looking at photographs!

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~~~ Wordless Wednesday ~~~

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Owl ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Reward

This week’s photo challenge is wide open for personal interpretation. We are to select a photo that portrays reward for effort; whatever that effort might have been. There are many tokens I have received over the years, but so what? … Continue reading

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~ Wordless Wednesday + Rule of Thirds Photo Challenge ~

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San Diego Zoo ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Express Yourself

This challenge prompted me to review photos I took when my sisters, niece and I visited the San Diego Zoo in September, 2012. Here are a few snaps of particularly expressive birds and mammals.  

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Crow Shadow Dance ~ Sunday Stills ~ Lookin’ Through Windows

During the wet days of early summer, a resident Crow came to drink from the rain gutter outside the window where I sit to write and read in the mornings. The off-white color block in the photos, is a solar … Continue reading

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Repurposed Poems ~ Hope Wish Belief Want

Hope forever flutters like a baby bird featherless – naked will it fly on fledgling wings or fall, a soft sack of tiny broken bones – bereft. Wish is hope suspended a floating feather drifting ever closer then sailing away … Continue reading

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Crow’s View ~ Weekly Photo Challenge (Perspective)

A favorite perspective of mine is to look up and see what’s going on in the world above me.  Glimpsing patches of sky and light filtering through branches of big trees is always a pleasure.  Today I was delighted when … Continue reading

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Birds Abound – Feeders Chockablock With Fledglings

Sitting on my deck, camera at hand, surrounded by birds.  More birds in my yard than ever before:  Towhees, Juncos, Robins and Mourning Doves scurry over the gravel paths and under the shrubs, Black-capped and Chestnut-back Chickadees vie for space … Continue reading

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Striking Gold with Finches

The American Goldfinch is the state bird of Washington, and a lovely addition to any landscape.  In late spring – early summer (breeding time) the adult male is a brilliant yellow with sharp lines of white and black feathers. The … Continue reading

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