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~ Giving Grace ~ Under the Skin of Life ~ WPC Boundaries – 7 ~

We had both transgressed. I immediately apologized — with no response from her for months. In order to move myself out of the emotional victim position and begin to heal my heart and soul, I gave her grace — a … Continue reading

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~ Under the Skin of Life ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Boundaries 4 ~

The victim triangle (aka drama triangle) helped me come to terms with what had happened. In my desire to help (rescue) her, I hooked myself into her drama. While I started out as the rescuer, her swift natural reaction was … Continue reading

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1970 Vietnam War Protest ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Accomplishment

As this week of highlighting “accomplishment” comes to a close, I feel compelled to talk about my participation in student protests against the war in Vietnam. It was a time of passion on college campuses, and a defining moment for … Continue reading

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10,000 LUX ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Light

When I first learned about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) pieces of the puzzle I had been trying to solve about myself fell into place.  The theory helped explain why I would become ever more gloomy as winter approached, and conversely, … Continue reading

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Repurposed Poems ~ Hope Wish Belief Want

Hope forever flutters like a baby bird featherless – naked will it fly on fledgling wings or fall, a soft sack of tiny broken bones – bereft. Wish is hope suspended a floating feather drifting ever closer then sailing away … Continue reading

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Through the Past, Darkly – Self-Portrait Weekly Photo Challenge (Background)

It was long after those halcyon nights with our Cliff House friends drinking pitcher after pitcher of beer at The Goal Post Tavern, punching quarters into the Juke Box to listen to another round of Honky Tonk Women or Jumpin’ … Continue reading

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on being

my hands pull out the dead shrub I pour water into a hole in the earth plant a life form birds twitter above clouds swirl the universe opens in a heartbeat stories around night fires over centuries and generations seek … Continue reading

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