10,000 LUX ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Light

When I first learned about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) pieces of the puzzle I had been trying to solve about myself fell into place.  The theory helped explain why I would become ever more gloomy as winter approached, and conversely, increasingly animated when spring rolled around.  SAD is brought on by the lack of bright light during the shortened days of winter, and is exacerbated by the frequently cloudy, rainy fall and spring months in the Pacific Northwest.  Then I discovered Enviro Med Bio-lights were available in my own community, and immediately bought one for myself.  It is amazing what a difference it makes in my emotional state of being.  For many years while I was counseling, during the dark months I’d put my Bio-light up in the office at work.  Soon colleagues started gathering around it for their morning coffee, and they always went off to first period a little more upbeat than they’d been before.

P1030160Now the Bio-light migrates to the  top of my refrigerator when autumn leaves begin to fall.  On dark days, I turn it on for an hour or less while I am doing kitchen chores or having breakfast.  And, when the green buds of spring raise their faces to greet the sun, so will I.  Having fulfilled its duties, the Bio-light will then be stored away until fall.

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2 Responses to 10,000 LUX ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Light

  1. Thanks for this, Lindy. YOU are like a ray of light.

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