~ Under the Skin of Life ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Boundaries – 3 ~

P1040856 - Version 2

I was like a ripe old artichoke, with outer leaves showing the effects of age and experience  — defense systems and protective devices intact.  Yet, when pierced to the core with words and actions, the wound was painful — and invisible. In order to heal, I needed to peel away the leaves around the wound, tend to the damage, and learn about myself from the experience.


As I stripped off each layer, my emotions continued to swirl, from shock and anger to a deep sadness. I knew I had transgressed her boundaries, and must take full responsibility for it — no excuses, no justification — just accept my flaw.


That required identifying and owning the flaw in myself, and answering honestly the hardest question: When I could have remained out of it, said and done nothing, why did I step in? What characteristic in me prompted my behavior? 


 To find the answer, I had to dig deep.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”





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