~ Tuesday Two by Two -Coptic & Japanese Stab Binding ~

The past two weekends I took classes to learn how to bind journals and books using Japanese Stab and Coptic binding methods. I enjoyed it very much and I’m excited to share my projects, and to use these binding methods in the future.


Four Japanese Stab Binding Stitches.


Four Needle Coptic Stitch

In this workshop we learned to measure, cut and paste fine, long-strand paper to chip board for the front and back covers, cut, fold and stack the plain paper interior ‘signatures’ and punch the works. Then came the four curved needles and the actual stitching to create the braided binding.  So very cool!

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5 Responses to ~ Tuesday Two by Two -Coptic & Japanese Stab Binding ~

  1. I love the four needle Coptic stitch. I wish they had classes like that here. When I lived in WA they always had super cool classes at the university, often free. Where I live now I can find classes on bbq, smoking your bbq and neighborhood watch programs. Ugh.

  2. Very nice! Was it difficult to learn?

    • Lindy Le Coq says:

      It could have been very confusing, but the young woman who taught the class was very clear and went at a pace that was just right. Also, it was a small class (4 people) so if someone got tangled or lost, she could help us right away!

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