Ball And Chain By Big Mama Thornton

I never grow tired of seeing and hearing these two women perform the blues!

Edge of Humanity Magazine

Are you ready for some Blues?

I’m sitting on my old wood rocking chair, under an aluminum awning, on my back patio. I purchased the rocker years ago, while visiting the Great Smokey Mountains. I’m sipping on Jack Daniel’s and smoking my pipe. A very light spring rain is falling on my tropical garden. I love the look of the plants when they are wet.

The backyard speakers pump out the blues classic Ball and Chain. The song was written and performed by Big Mama Thornton. I have the song on repeat. Big Mama will melt your heart.


To watch the 1970 live performance, Big Mama Thornton with the Buddy Guy’s Blues Band on YouTube click here.

The Complete Vanguard Recordings [3 CD]

Ball and Chain was also performed by Janis Joplin Big Brother and The Holding Company. I believe their first performance of this classic was the best…

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2 Responses to Ball And Chain By Big Mama Thornton

  1. Vicky says:

    Oh yes! My kind of music, can I pop in and join you with a JD please ( ice in mine..)….great post, takes me out of the rat-race…

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