~ Weekly Photo Challenge – Fun! ~

My week-long stay at Crescent Creek Cottages began with a family reunion with cousin Duncan Low, and his wonderful companion Carolyn, who joined us for one night and the next morning. It had been forty years since I last met-up with Duncan. We are the same age, and were in grade school together in Wenatchee. Our bond of fun and friendship immediately rekindled!


Carolyn, Duncan, Diana (my sister), Les (brother-in-law)

What could be more fun that catching fish when you are fishing?! The first morning Les, Diana and I were trolling for and catching many Kokanee (silver) trout, when Diana hauled in an eight pound Mackinaw (lake) trout — exciting to say the least!

All three mornings on lovely Odell lake, we were surrounded by old-growth evergreens, fresh cool air, Bald Eagles pip-pipping across the bay, fish jumping on the still surface and fish taking our bait. Day one; 38 Kokanee and 1 Mackinaw (4 1/2 hrs), day 2; 21 Kokanee (3 1/2 hrs), day 3; 24 Kokanee (3 1/2 hrs). It adds up to 84 fish in less than 12 hours fishing!


More fun to come in another post!


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