~ Creekside ~ Weekly Photo Challenge – Frame 1 ~

I remember when my high school art teacher, Vic Moore showed me that by circling my thumb and  finger together I could make a frame to look  through — anytime — anywhere. With my thumb resting upon my cheekbone, I still scan and focus to my heart’s delight!


Crescent Creek, Oregon USA sparkles in early morning sunlight.


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8 Responses to ~ Creekside ~ Weekly Photo Challenge – Frame 1 ~

  1. Tina Schell says:

    😀 Or index fingers and thumbs for a rectangle! Lovely capture Lindy

  2. Or thumb to thumb for a wide angle view. I used to start kids at the wide angle and then looking straight ahead keep narrowing their field of focus. great reminder.

  3. It helped you with your photography skills, i’m sure! 🙂

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