~ Resourceful Possibility of Untidy Chance ~ WPC: Chaos ~

For this week’s photo challenge, Ben Huberman asks us to embrace “the creative potential of disorderly randomness.”


While walking at Longbeach last month, I saw this piece of metal in the distance. Approaching it, I noticed all the ocean-dwellers living on the concave surface and decided to take a photo. I set my cell on the sand and snapped this shot.

The subject and setting seem to fit the challenge:
creative (resourceful)
potential (possibility)
disorderly (untidy)
randomness (chance)


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4 Responses to ~ Resourceful Possibility of Untidy Chance ~ WPC: Chaos ~

  1. Tina Schell says:

    Good choice Lindy. Not sure setting the iPhone in the sand is the best idea tho!!

  2. minustide says:

    Oh you know I’m gonna love this one. Great shot! Those pelagic barnacles are attractive too.

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