~ Humble Beginnings ~ Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge ~

All my life I’ve enjoyed walking across creeks on downed trees, though I never challenge logs unless the stream is shallow or slow enough for me to navigate should I end up in it!

P1000390 2

There is something pleasant about plank and foot bridges — perhaps it’s being so near the water.

IMG_3879Tom Golden Memorial Beaver-Bridge Crescent Creek, Oregon.

IMG_2031Klineline Park ~ Salmon Creek ~ Vancouver, WA

Living in an area where streams and rivers abound as water wends its way to the nearby Pacific Ocean, bridges are a part of everyday life.  My favorite for it’s majesty and sheer engineering mastery is the Astoria-Megler Bridge which I featured in an earlier post.

P1030662 - Version 4https://wordpress.com/post/lindylecoq.wordpress.com/1961

Here’s to bridges that take you over beautiful waters to happy places!


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5 Responses to ~ Humble Beginnings ~ Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge ~

  1. I like the plain but winderful bridges you feature in this post, reminds me of my younger years exploring (weel actully it reminds me of exploring period, as I still do)
    By the way Lindy WordPress tells me that the link to the Astoria bridge is an “Invalid post address”

  2. Very beautiful area! We’ve been watching the show “Alone” which now involves people on Vancouver Island. 🙂

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