~ Natures Design ~ WPC: Structure ~

Why is this adult Canada Goose lingering at the edge of the reeds, and wherefore such a malignant eye on me?  Could there be a nest nearby?  


Canada Goose tending nest ~ Long Beach, WA – USA ~ April 2017

This week we are challenged to “notice the structure of everyday things around us and imagine the biological blueprint that created them.”  


April, 2017

This wetland marsh is re-created every winter and spring in front of The Breakers.  It hosts a diverse population of migrating (and resident) birds.  

P1070023 2

June, 2017

As the rains decrease and days grow longer in summer, the wetland recedes  transforming to meadow and dune. 


wetland to meadow

biological blueprint

organic design



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8 Responses to ~ Natures Design ~ WPC: Structure ~

  1. JANE says:

    Wetlands are wonder-full places. Lindy, I enjoyed seeing how your photos show the transformation of this seasonal wetland. Mother Nature sure knows how to create efficient structures!

  2. eyeforapic says:

    Great post Lindy, it looks like a fascinating place 🙂

    • Lindy Le Coq says:

      Thank you for visiting and commenting! There is so much to see and learn about in nature — guess I’m hooked!!

      • eyeforapic says:

        Sorry for taking so long to get back to you Lindy, I’ve started a photography course, and everything has been a wee bit hectic over the last two or three weeks.
        And you’re most welcome, and I agree, nature is amazing, it’s very easy to get hooked 🙂

  3. Shibin Dinesh says:

    Appreciating nature is always a refreshing thing to do! Good pictures!

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