~ Song Sparrow ~

Who is this fledgling —

(its tail barely a hint of what it will become)

— pecking seed on my deck rail?

Dark and light streaked breast

white eye-brow

round — squat

— splay-footed —

English Song Sparrow! 


Song Sparrow

In spring males perch on snags and fence tops

beaks open to the sky announce—

(in complex musical notes)

— a personal invitation to the ladies!


Song Sparrow Silhouette


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4 Responses to ~ Song Sparrow ~

  1. Probably the best singers get the best ladies! 🙂

  2. JANE says:

    Song Sparrows are one of my favorites because of the beautiful songs they sing. They truly live up to their name. Did you know that by two months of age the little birds have already acquired many of the songs they will continue to sing as adult birds?

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