~ Farm Sights ~ Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge ~


From age 14-18 I lived on a farm in Pullman, WA – USA. I still enjoy visiting working farms to smell the smells and see what’s growing.

Pics Scannded From Dad Low (5)

Dad and his beloved horses c. 1967



Goat farm near Oysterville, WA — USA



Hay Harpoon*


IMG_3694 - Version 3



Bi-Zi Farm, Clark County, WA — USA

“The spear- or harpoon-type haymow forks often employed a hollow or slotted cylindrical body with a solid point at the end and hinged barbs to skewer a load. The spear (or harpoon) was lowered to the wagon with its barb(s) retracted and then plunged into the loaded wagon. Extending the barbs prior to lifting retained a surprising amount of hay on the fork. Other designs offered different methods to retain the hay for lifting, but they were similar in the job they performed.”



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2 Responses to ~ Farm Sights ~ Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge ~

  1. JANE says:

    Haymow forks sound dangerous… love your views of the farm; especially of your dad and his horses.❤️

  2. Lindy Le Coq says:

    It’s a huge heavy thing! No wonder the farmworkers could pack away three big meals a day 🙂

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