~ May Day Bouquet ~ In A Vase On Monday + Curvy Lines ~ WPC: Lines ~

The lilac shrub was offered to me by a neighbor, so I don’t know what variety it is and wish I did, because after living year-round in sun and open sky this Syringa is blooming well, staying compact, is not invasive, and as it shimmers in spring breezes emits a wonderful old lilac fragrance.


This vase was a gift from a pottery teacher, shown with a paperweight and glass float, in filtered morning sunlight on an east facing window sill.


Choisia blossoms add a bit of structure under the lilac. The generic tulips, planted last fall, have added a lovely burst of color and texture to what would otherwise be brown ground in prominent corners of my front gardens.


I love the shape of the white star tulip and the blossoms have lasted throughout the bloom. The purple ones bloomed late and do not open more than this – even after being inside for a day, the mouth opened very little. 


Lilacs in a Vase on May Day cheer me immensely!

Here’s to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden!

Also in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge Lines.  There are no straight lines in nature – and S curves are among the most soothing to my eye!


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2 Responses to ~ May Day Bouquet ~ In A Vase On Monday + Curvy Lines ~ WPC: Lines ~

  1. Olga says:

    So stunning, Lindy. Love your photos. ❤

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