~Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #103: Surprise ~


Sometimes I take a photo, like the one below, of a subject (Bufflehead duck) and I’m disappointed when the featured subject is unclear.

P1110067Then, when I look at the same photograph as a composition, I am pleasantly surprised!



Northern Harriers course low over the marshes and meadows frequently, yet in three years of attempts, my efforts to get a good photo were always blurry or just of the sky or marsh with no bird to be seen! Capturing this shot of an adult male carrying a twig to its nest, was very gratifying.



For a few days a female House Finch appeared at our living room window, looking very much like she wanted to build her nest right there!


Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology hosts Project FeederWatch, a Citizen Science program from November thru April (https://feederwatch.org). Creighton and I have participated for the past 12 seasons. This winter we were visited by a bird we’d never seen before.

white bird 1white bird

When I entered my weekly report, Cornell experts questioned if I had the right identification. The cautious bird, a Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis), came to our feeders for about a month – such a lovely surprise!


Version 2

In May, a young American black bear rambled across the meadow while Jello and I watched from the living room (https://lindylecoq.com/2020/05/19/sunday-surprise/). A week or so later, as we walked back from the beach, I was startled to hear Jello discharge a guttural growl. Looking toward her, I saw a black bear emerge from the dune grass and cross the trail right in front of us. Jello’s hackles were up and she took off after the bear. I yelled my one word command for all similar occasions: STOP! …and she did!

Wishing everyone safe harbor, as we continue to navigate uncharted waters.


I wish I could say I’m surprised that my country is leading the world in novel corona virus infections. Sadly, I’m not surprised – I’m embarrassed, disgusted and impatient to replace the current administration. We can do better.

Thank you Leya for sending me looking for happy surprises – or at least surprises with a happy ending!


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3 Responses to ~Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #103: Surprise ~

  1. Duck Harrier the House Finch saw a bunting bear! Hi Lindy

  2. JohnRH says:

    Excellent. Jello could bear-ly stand it. (Sorry.) 🙂

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