~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #104: Summer ~


Hydrangea blossoms

     shades of blue velvet richness

mood indigo ~


From rich vibrant tones to soft pastel hues, Hydrangea are one of my favorite summer show-stoppers!

Birds, are everywhere in my summer gardens. They keep the grounds free of bugs and are a delight to watch as they glean and raise their young.

leaves 2

At the end of a day, I love to relax on the love-seat by the pond and enjoy the light filtering through vine maple leaves as the sun lowers into the west.


Water – the essence of life.  From running through sprinklers as a kid, to still going fishing with my family every year, water is a central summer feature.


It has been a cool beginning of summer here in Vancouver, USA. Today the temperature is predicted to reach a high of 80° f (27° c) for the first time this July! 

Wishing everyone safe harbor, as we navigate uncharted waters.🐾


Thanks to Amy for this week’s Lens-Artists weekly photo challenge! https://shareandconnect.wordpress.com/2020/07/04/summer/

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3 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #104: Summer ~

  1. Amy says:

    Fabulous Hydrangea images, I wish they grow here. Love these bird captures.
    What a stunning scene “as light filtering through vine maple leaves”. The last photo is breathtaking.
    Thank you for sharing with us, Lindy!

  2. JohnRH says:

    Oh. Love the hydrangeas! The spraying water is a favorite too. (P.S. ‘Hi Jello!’)

  3. pattimoed says:

    Beautiful hydrangeas, Lindy. I love them, too. And your last shot of the water reminds me of our visits to the area in the past. Lovely. I hope your temperatures warm up for a while. Our son says the same thing in Vancouver, B.C.!

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