~ Sore Loser ~

There is something in me longing to no longer feel compelled to express my dismay and disgust with the current US President. I have held it in four years. Soon, it will fade. Not soon enough, but soon.

©Lindy Low Le Coq - 1/14/2020 ~ Sore Loser

 “…a sore loser never goes down well in the history books.” Neil Katyal

 We have been patient
 we waited our turn during
 four years of fractious rule 
 until the 2020 presidential election.

 We stayed patient,
 waited hours in lines
 to cast our votes 
 to end his tenure.

 We knew he would tantrum
 kick up a fuss, blame others 
 and lie when he lost. 
 We knew he would not go easy.

 We knew he pandered to the
 base - his amalgamation of worshipers;
 white supremacists, rogue evangelicals,
 conspiracy theorists - consumers of his lies.

 We were warned by his threats,
 his behavior, by his very nature,
 this man who claimed to always win
 would be a damn sore loser. 

 We could foretell his messy end from
 daily disasters he created the past four years.
 It comes as no surprise his followers obeyed
 orders to deny, disguise and desecrate. 

 We have been patient,
 we have waited for this moment
 when a person true to the rule of law
 will become our next president.

 The lie machine will hang around 
 believers will stay by his side
 as he licks his wounded ego.
 He/they will not go away.

 We can chose to ignore him, 
 to withhold attention that excites
 fantasies which will swirl within him
 until the day he dies.



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2 Responses to ~ Sore Loser ~

  1. We even heaved a sigh of relief on this side of the Big Pond….. but remember a wounded animal is usually at its most dangerous. The shadow will linger long. 🙂

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