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~ View From Inside North Head Lighthouse ~

In the many years I’ve enjoyed seeing this lighthouse from the outside, yesterday, for the first time I was on the inside. Now open for visitors, the structure is being restored to it’s original condition. After entering at ground level, … Continue reading

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~ Fire In The Sky ~ Just Another Sunset ~

Over the past week I have been in a place where connectivity is ruled by nature, not the net, so I have been remiss in posting and responding. Please accept my apology. On my last night at Crescent Creek, the … Continue reading

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~ Cloudy and Comfortable ~ Skywatch Friday ~

Our weather has been temperate, with sunny days interspersed with cloudy ones. No rain in the forecast, however! skywatch

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~ Frigid Trees ~ Skywatch Friday ~

The snow is almost gone now, just residual piles here and there, but four days ago this is what it looked like in my neighborhood. I’ve always loved seeing snow-draped evergreens, and the quietness of walking in a winter wonderland. … Continue reading

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~ Nature Photo Challenge Day 3 + Skywatch Friday ~

A flash-back to October, 2015 when I attended a reunion of college friends at Lake Tahoe, California USA. In an effort to flood Facebook with the beauty of nature, some of us are posting seven days of nature photos. Part … Continue reading

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~ Another Storm On The Horizon ~ Skywatch Friday ~

This morning the sky is clear and the temperature remain well below freezing (lowest last night was 8 F, or – 13 C). By tonight we will be experiencing snow, freezing rain and all the woes that come with icy … Continue reading

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~ Skywatch Friday + Weekly Photo Challenge: Path ~

As I drove out of my neighborhood on the last day of autumn, light white/grey cumulus clouds — barely visible on the horizon — drew me to pull over, get out of the car and take some shots with my … Continue reading

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