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~ Fleeting Moments ~ WPC: Evanescence + Bird Haiku ~

Yesterday, as I walked the trail through the marshy dunes from the beach to our condominium (Long Beach, WA), I spotted birds I’d never seen before. Fortunately, I had my Panasonic with telephoto so I was able to get good enough … Continue reading

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~ Caligula Haiku ~ 5/11/17 ~ Take Two ~

Guess I was a bit upset this morning (also in a hurry) when I posted my caLLigula haiku! Sorry about that, but somehow striking the L twice made me feel more powerful — more in control — an illusion.   grandstand … Continue reading

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~ Haiku ~ Caligula is not America ~

caligula fears subterfuge disintegrates denial backfires ***** feeble and flabby caligula fires false hoods shoots himself in foot ***** stonewall excuses stumble crumble turn to dust we provide strong wind

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~ Mother Earth Haiku ~

4/17 your Christmas cactus blooming on Easter Monday so like you dear friend   4/18 you gave me prized rocks each one with its history of beauty and love   4/19 we strolled the pathway synchronous in nurturing gardens and girlfriends   … Continue reading

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~ Willow Garden In Progress ~

Though there is no chance of resurrecting the Pacific Willow tree, restoring a sense of calm and beauty to this garden is my main focus this week. There have been showers and more in the forecast, but that doesn’t bother … Continue reading

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~ Singing In The Rain ~

4/13 my old bones complain how come you work us so hard? because it feels good 4/14 cumulonimbus ice crystals shower dark base rain in my future

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~ Remnant ~

4/12 vine maples dance limbs stretch lithe upon grey sky grieving for willow

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