~ Petal Power – Almost Friday Flyers ~

It’s downpour time here in the Pacific Northwest, at the same time my two mature flowering plum trees are in glorious full bloom. Though the light is not the best, I know this is my last chance to get photos of them before upcoming storms strip them clean.



Soon wind and rain will tear away these tender petals, blow them into the air (Friday Flyers!) and leave a carpet of pink ‘snow’ in the front yard.

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8 Responses to ~ Petal Power – Almost Friday Flyers ~

  1. Those plum trees pose so perfectly💜so pretty! They add a beautiful touch to the season.

  2. Olga says:

    Such beauties, Lindy. In my community, it’s crab apple trees that put on a spectacular display each spring.

  3. I think it looks lovely! I can’t wait for our blossoms to come out. Cheers!

  4. Really beautiful! 🙂
    Here’s a Haiku poem by Issa of Japan (who was born in 1763):

    at his house
    though he’s dirt-poor…
    plum blossoms

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